Motivational Targets

  |   Endurance, General, Psychology, Racing, Training

The sun is only just beginning to suggest it might actually shine this summer but it’s already well into mid-season for a lot of athletes out there. For many, this years A-race may have come and gone already and fatigue or the post-racing lull can often begin to decrease motivation for the remainder of the season. Our advice to keep you motoring through the rest of the season? Give yourself a target.

Training is always harder if you don’t have anything in sight to train for, entering a race or other event, no matter how large or small, can be just the tonic to proactively reignite your passion. Having an event to aim for will focus your mind and in turn can make each and every training session appear more important as you know exactly what it’s doing for you and helping you to achieve. In his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen Covey discusses the importance of personal leadership, the fine art of leading yourself towards what you believe to be your goals by focusing on only the relevant activities in order to avoid distractions.

This theory can be as easily applied to the world of sport as it is to the world of business.  Those athletes who have a high level of personal leadership will be more productive and, ultimately, more successful, as it allows them to train regularly (which as we all know is key for endurance athletes). When it’s cold and wet outside (as it so often is here in Blightly!) and you have a training session planned, it would be easier not to train or have a rest day, or maybe just do a gym session. Whilst that might work for some people, if we want to succeed in our goals we all need the motivation to push ourselves out the door and hit the road.

Generally, none of us have a coach with us 100% of the time for motivation, so it will have to come from within you. Get yourself a target, give yourself a goal and feel the motivation come flowing back. Feeling the satisfaction of another completed session is always great, and when the results come rolling in, it makes it all worthwhile.
Happy racing and as ever, stay Positive.

Coach K.