Whether you’re a cyclist or triathlete, the British Cycling endorsed Wattbike can monitor everything you need to know about your cycling, from power output and cadence to heart rate and pedal efficiency. Through specifically designed tests we can help diagnose problems in your cycling, calculate heart-rate and power training zones or track progress as your training develops.

Tests available include:
Pedalling Technique Test – £45
Using real-time measurements and graphical feedback we give you a picture of how well you’re turning those pedals, where any deadspots might be, if you’re applying even effort between legs and how resistance/cadence affects your pedal-stroke.

3:00 Aerobic Test – £40
A threshold effort used for accurately setting power and/or heart-rate traiing zones for applying to your training.

10:00 Progress Test – £45
Like it says on the tin, for those that have more regular testing, this is used as a test of progress throughout the season.

Function Threshold Power (FTP) Test – £50
An in-depth time trial style analysis used to calculate sustainable threshold power outputs and set power and/or heart-rate training zones.

Storer Ramp Test or Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) Ramp Test – £60
This test will mesure your maximal aerobic power and give an accurate calculation on your VO2 Max, a reliable indicator of athletic potential for the season ahead.

Other tests are available too depending on what you want to know, so get in touch to find out more about how the Wattbike can improve your training.


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